Frank & Flo RELEASED!

After years of being tied up in an option, you can now finally get a copy of this film… well, until we are told otherwise… so hurry!

Click on the above menu links to either buy the DVD or Watch it online.

WARNING: This film contains nudity and some foul language.

After being premiered in Richmond, VA to a packed audience it was quietly pulled to satisfy a Producer who optioned it for a feature film. Most likely due to the failure of the Film, “What Happens in Vegas”, starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher and the increasing difficulty of funding, the Producer has let his option lapse. If the producer notifies us within 180 days we will have to pull the film, but until then…

The film stars Stefani Zabner, an LA actress who got her start in Richmond and John Rutland, an actor based out of N. Carolina.

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